Foot Specialists in Chiropody

Foot Care Specialists, or Chiropodists, focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care of heel, ankle, and foot conditions for patients of all ages. From ingrown toenails to soft tissue surgery, the Family Wellness Clinic Chiropodist, Tony Hu, can assess and treat your condition with professional training and care.

Foot Care Treatments

At the Family Wellness Clinic, we provide a variety of services for the treatment of the foot and ankle, including conditions and care such as:

Diabetic Foot Care

Tony Hu also specializes in diabetic foot care, which requires an additional two years of specialized training. Diabetic nerve damage can cause a number of foot problems, including insensitivity to pain, heat, cold, cuts, and dry skin. It may also cause feet and toes to change shape over time, causing calluses and blisters from regular style shoes. If you are a diabetic, it is vital that you have annual diabetic foot assessments by a foot care specialist to discuss any concerns and plan ongoing care. Our Chiropodist will inspect every aspect of your foot, including skin, toes, foot temperature, reflexes and pressure tests, for example, and will also inspect your shoes. This type of assessment helps to identify any existing and potential conditions that may negatively impact your health and quality of living.

Tony Hu, B.Sc., D.Pod.M

At Family Wellness Clinic, Tony Hu uses his experience and training in all aspects of foot health to provide his patients with specialized care. He cares for patients with skin and nail pathologies, diabetic ulcers and other diabetic conditions, and those who require wound care and soft tissue surgery. He performs biomechanical assessments and designs custom orthotics to help patients of all ages increase mobility and stability. He is also certified to fit and dispense custom compression stockings. A script from your family doctor is required for stockings, as it identifies the prescribed compression recommended specifically for you.

To book an appointment with Tony Hu, no doctor referral is required.