Pain Relief Using Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractor and patient

The overall performance of your body has a serious impact on how you feel, both physically and emotionally. Pain in one area causes you to compensate your movements to try and reduce the pain, which in turn causes another area of your body to be out of sync. Remember – your body works like a machine; if any part of the machine isn’t tuned properly, or is out of sync, the machine doesn’t provide optimal performance and begins to break down.

Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in pain relief, and help maintain a harmonious relationship between the joints of your spine and extremities and the nervous system, so that your body works like a well-tuned machine. Your Chiropractor may recommend one or more treatments as part of your wellness plan, such as massage therapy sessions which complement Chiropractic treatments, for example. In this case, once your Chiropractor has re-aligned your spinal joints, massage therapy helps your back muscles re-learn their correct position, and support your back’s proper alignment.

How do Chiropractors provide pain relief?

To provide you with the best, individualized care, the Chiropractors at Family Wellness Clinic use a number of highly effective adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics, reduce nervous system interference, and relieve back pain.  An adjustment is a gentle, controlled, and directed pressure that your Chiropractor applies with his or her hands or a specialized, Chiropractic instrument. An adjustment helps restore a more normal position or motion, often reducing or relieving your back pain.

Who benefits from Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is beneficial to people of all ages, from children to seniors. A patient’s age, size, and individual diagnosis determine which treatment technique, or combination of techniques, will work best. An initial assessment is vital to creating the most effective wellness plan.

Our Chiropractors are also trained Acupuncturists.

At the Family Wellness Clinic, we realize that each patient requires individualized treatment. So we use a number of adjusting techniques, including:

Chiropractic: Activator Method®

Dr. Lott was trained in Activator methods in 2000. This method is a system of spinal evaluation combined with a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a precise and gentle form of Chiropractic adjustment. The localized pressure gently moves the vertebrae into place.

Chiropractic: Diversified Method

After identifying which vertebrae have lost their normal position or motion, a specific manual thrust is applied to re-position the misaligned spinal joints. This is the most common spine-manipulation procedure used by a Chiropractor, and can be used to treat a number of joints in the body.

Chiropractic: Pierce-Stillwagon Technique

The Pierce-Stillwagon Technique adjusts your body using a special table and a gentle drop technique. Improvements are monitored using x-rays, as the Chiropractor examines which spine segments require an adjustment. The Family Wellness Clinic has a fully equipped x-ray facility, so x-rays are taken onsite for your convenience and comfort.

Chiropractic: Leander Method

The Leander method introduces a patient’s spine to continuous passive motion (CPM) using gentle flexion and distraction movements to stretch the ligaments and muscles. A patient lies down on a Leander table, which provides the CPM. The Chiropractor has both hands available and can freely move around the table to assess and provide treatment at the same time.

Chiropractic: Acupuncture

Acupuncture on maleAcupuncture is a treatment used to alleviate pain. This treatment can be used to ease lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, headaches/migraines, and other chronic pain. The underlying theory of acupuncture states that optimum health and freedom from disease is often dependent upon the harmonious balance within the body of the vital energy flow. This energy flow, or chi, represents the vital life energy which flows through the body via the system of meridians or channels. Thin, sterile acupuncture needles are inserted just under the skin along these meridians to re-align this energy flow and increase circulation for optimum health.

Acupuncture is very helpful for easing chronic pain and headaches, either on its own or in conjunction with other treatments such as Chiropractic and Massage Therapy.

Family Wellness Clinic – Chiropractors

Dr. David Lott and Dr. Christina Princiotta are both trained Acupuncturists and licensed Chiropractors. Our Chiropractors provide you with a comprehensive wellness plan for optimum health and wellness.

Dr. David C. Lott, B.A., D.C., F.I.A.C.A.

Dr. Lott has more than 30 years of clinic experience and training, which he uses to support as many people as possible in their quest for health and wellness, and educate them about the benefits of Chiropractic care. Dr. Lott became the owner of Family Wellness Clinic in 2000.

Dr. Christina Princiotta, Hon.B.Sc, D.C.

Dr. Princiotta uses her experience and specialized training, such as her certification in Active Release Technique (specialized muscle technique) to help her patients manage and prevent pain symptoms.